How do I join?

Read the Handbook. Submit an Application. Send us a photo of your face. Come to an Orientation. Pay some Member Dues. It's a great way to pay-it-forward and meet fabulous people you'd likely never come across.

What if I don’t have a skill to offer?

The short answer is, we don’t believe you. If you’re breathing, you have something to offer. Can you sweep a floor, rake leaves, walk a dog, play cards or scrabble, be a good listener? In timebanking, everyone is a resource and an asset.

Is timebanking barter?

No. Barter is trading, based on cash value, between two people. We are a non-profit 501c3 service exchange organization. Our currency is based solely on time, with no relation to price or market value. Unlike barter, the IRS has determined that exchanging time is non-taxable.

Is the TimeBank a volunteer organization?

It’s not a volunteer organization in the conventional sense. We believe in reciprocity. We all have needs and we also all have valuable skills to offer the community. We ask "How can we help each other build the world we all want to live in?" 

I make a lot of money. So why should I join?

The more we have often means the more we have to give. TimeBank Santa Cruz is a way to spend more time sharing what you love. (We embrace the definition of ‘amateur’ being ‘for the love of.’) 

How much is an hour worth?

In TimeBank Santa Cruz, everyone's hour is equal no matter what the service. One hour equals one TimeCredit.

How can I make the time?

We ask members to be available to others three hours per month. That’s about six minutes per day. We contend that you can make the time!

Who can join?

All Santa Cruz county residents eighteen years and older. Children younger than eighteen can participate with a family member. Our membership is open to people of all abilities and backgrounds. Over 800 families, organizations, businesses, groups and individuals in the County have already participated. All new members must attend an orientation session. Orientations are held in Capitola or Live Oak. We're always looking for resourceful folks with practical skills to share. Anyone willing to maintain a high level of trust is invited to join.