Become a Sponsor of TimeBank Santa Cruz


We want you to sponsor the TimeBank because we’re a public charity with an extravagant ratio of social benefit to administrative cost and because the sharing economy helps grow a stronger market economy.

A thriving TimeBank of 2000 members can be staffed by one funded position. It’s the members themselves who provide the services. So we provide an extraordinary level of service for a minuscule administrative cost.

Our TimeBankers have exchanged over 25,000 hours of service. A California volunteer hour is valued at $27.89. By that measure, the TimeBank has already contributed $697,000 to the local economy.


For an annual tax-free gift of $500 to $10,000 without any substantial return benefit to you, TimeBank Sponsorship provides publicity for your business, enhances your reputation and fulfills your CSR.

Your business will receive:

  • Your logo on our website Home Page (analytics available )
  • Your logo and thanks on our Facebook pages (1100 Likes)
  • Your logo and thanks in our monthly News (815 subscribers)
  • Acknowledgement at monthly mixers, board meetings, and classes.
  • Acknowledgement in interviews with the press.


For an annual tax-deductible donation of $200 to $2000 without any substantial return benefit to the donor, we will place your photo on our website’s Home Page and acknowledge you in all print media.

TimeBank Sponsorship is an opportunity to take social responsibility, a duty every individual needs to perform in order that a balance between the economy and civic society be maintained.

TimeBanking itself promotes civic engagement and improves economic health. TimeBank exchanges:

  • provide cash-free services
  • free up funds to be saved or spent in the local economy
  • provide mentors and job-skill consultations
  • provide classes, tutoring and consultation


Donations of any amount are appreciated and allow us to continue offering our programs and services. The PayPal account will say TimeBank Santa Cruz/Reskilling Expo. To formally sponsor the TimeBank, contact us here:

TimeBank Santa Cruz PO Box 202, Soquel, CA 95073