Laundry-to-Landscape Systems are very inexpensive to install, divert washer water to plants and trees, and save the average household a minimum of 5000 gallons per year. The TimeBank has presented six public Graywater Workshops and installed four Laundry-to-Landscape Systems at members’ homes.


TimeBank Santa Cruz is a project of the Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo, a 501C3 educational public charity that offers sustainable-living skills education to the public. Pop-up reskilling workshops are taught at various public venues. Classes are free to TimeBankers and low-cost to non-members. Recent workshops: Bokashi Composting, Good Habits of Sleep, Winter Wellness and Graywater for the Home. Events

Arts and Culture

TimeBankers share their skills and talents. Sample Offers: Art Career Consultations, Acting Coach, Literary and Business Editing, Public Speaking Preparation as well as lessons in Photography, Voice, Quilting, Realistic Drawing, Piano and Basic Music Skills.

Little Libraries

We’ve designed and installed one Poetry Box and three Little Libraries as Resilience Builders. These curbside Sharing-Economy Amenities promote neighborhood cohesion as well as literacy. Library addresses: 1973 42nd Avenue, 702 California Street. The third Library will be installed soon.

Giving Circle

Gifts are offered to anyone in the TimeBank as a way to build relationships of gratitude and obligation, as a way to share our wealth. Gifts are simply bestowed with no expectation. No return gift should be specified in advance or coerced thereafter. Recipients may want to return a gift to the giver or gift onward to someone else. Members claim a gift by contacting the giver. Gifts available are listed in our internal newsletters.