Who We Are


TIMEBANKING: It's about time. 

WE ARE A NONPROFIT NETWORK THAT USES TIME AS CURRENCY TO SHARE SKILLS AND TALENTS. TimeBank Santa Cruz uses software to match the human resources of ordinary people with the unmet needs of others. Any Santa Cruz County resident willing to maintain a high level of trust is invited to join.

  • Our mission is to build social capital via civic engagement in order to enhance opportunity and access to resources in Santa Cruz County. This powerful sharing-economy infrastructure operates at low administrative cost: the members themselves provide the services.
  • Everyone’s hour is of equal value. No money changes hands for services provided. TimeBank Santa Cruz is not a barter system nor does it deal in commodities or capital. This is the sharing economy at its best - not profit-driven, not share-washed.
  • TimeBank Santa Cruz is not a marketing platform for businesses. It is not appropriate to offer services with the intention of reaping paid employment from the interaction.

“TimeBanking differs significantly from barter in that it doesn’t incorporate commercial exchange or price. Price values scarcity and devalues what makes us most human – the ability to come to each other’s rescue.”  Edgar Cahn, Founder of TimeBanking.


  • “TimeBank is a safety net for our uncertain future. I am more secure as a senior citizen because I can count on getting support as I need it.” Sigrid McLaughlin
  • “TimeBanking is a gateway experience into a more organic valuing of what we have to offer and receive in each other's presence.” John Sears
  • “TimeBank Santa Cruz is an incredible social organization that offers unlimited resources through the power/knowledge of people.” James Aschbacher
  • “TimeBank Santa Cruz and its creative, dedicated members are contributing to the quiet revolution: bringing people together to share.” Dr. Cecile Andrews
  • “The TimeBank is a great alternative local economy. It's a new economic model that doesn't require cash, builds community and provides needed services.” Monica Larenas
  • “The TimeBank has established a group of committed individuals with diverse skills who will step in to fill gaps in services during times of crisis.” Cristina McCutcheon


  • Arts, Crafts and Music
  • Business and Clerical
  • Care/Companionship
  • Community Activities
  • Computing/Electronics
  • Education and Languages
  • Food Preparation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home and Garden
  • Home Repairs
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Transportation


  • Graphic Design
  • De-cluttering
  • Native Plants Tutorial
  • Genealogy
  • Infant and Toddler Care
  • Handyman Repairs
  • Local Rides/Airport Rides
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Personal Dresser Assistance
  • Public Speaking Prep


TimeBanking taps a hidden and underutilized local resource – the ability and willingness of individuals to provide services to each other. No other community initiative is comprehensively matching County residents' specific skills and talents to others’ needs.

More than 450 TimeBankers have exchanged 15,000 hours of service since we were established over five years ago. Independent Sector research values a California volunteer hour at $27.59. By that measure, the TimeBank has already contributed over $413,850 to the local economy. Our admin costs are very low. So we're proud of our ROI.

We’re considered a star on the national timebank scene for having launched successfully with a rich roster of services. TimeBanks nationally use the same software infrastructure for civic engagement programs: hospice services (Rhode Island), disabilities access (Wisconsin), aging-in-place (Hawaii). We belong to a Coalition of Timebank Coordinators who share best-practice resources.


TimeBanking is intrinsically collaborative. By working with other nonprofits, we are able to skillfully and quickly reach the vulnerable. TimeBankers helped with these nonprofit projects:

  • served food at the Grey Bears Holiday Dinner
  • made soup for the Warming Center
  • volunteered at the Restore
  • taught and worked at the Aptos Community Garden
  • repaired appliances at Habitat's Repair Cafe
  • taught at the Reskilling Expo


TimeBankers are a diverse mix of ages, of homeowners and renters, bicultural competencies, niche expertise and advanced degrees. Our two largest demographic groups are families with young children and retired people.

Age 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s
Members 1 8 14 14 14 8 2 0


  • Marylou Lamb is a retired fashion designer in her 80s. She mends and alters clothing for TimeBankers. She’s received computer repair, iPad training, furniture assembly, landscape design and a graywater system installation. Marylou has no family in the area. After knee surgery, she received the assistance she needed with gardening and household chores through the TimeBank.
  • Kristie Nakasato is a married mother in her 30s. She offers acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang internal organ massage. She’s received toddler development education, child proofing, child-care, bookshelf construction and a health care employment consult.
  • John Sears is a retired building inspector in his 60s. He offers help moving big things. He has transported ten loads of furniture, a chicken coop, beehives, the Seed Library cabinets, a washer, firewood, and a piano for his fellow TimeBankers. He’s received fruit tree pruning, airport rides, a business plan consult, landscape design, two workshops (Graywater and Solar for the Home) and reupholstered couch cushions.


TimeBank exchanges:

  • provide cash-free services
  • free up funds to be saved or spent in the local economy
  • provide mentors and job-skill consultations
  • provide classes, tutoring and consultation
  • provide health services such as nutritional counseling, massage, yoga, counseling and acupuncture
  • enhance social ties which combat depression and predict wellbeing
  • build relationships of trust that reduce potential for violence
  • promote restorative justice - TimeCredits can be used to make restitution for crimes or fines
  • help establish a network of individuals committed to sustainable futures
  • promote skills that conserve water and promote alternate energies
  • reduce carbon consumption through shared transportation. Studies show that timebanking itself reduces carbon consumption: when people belong, they consume less


TimeBank Santa Cruz is perfectly poised to combat poverty, anticipate emerging social needs and effectively utilize available resources in our County. It’s a best use of resources that creates access to untapped capacity and delivers services at low-cost. The TimeBank is a powerful sharing-economy infrastructure that operates at low administrative cost: the members themselves provide the services.


Community support structures allow elders to live at home longer. We’re looking for Santa Cruz County residents willing to help their elderly neighbors with minor home repairs, light chores and errands, pet care, tech support and rides to appointments. We ask that you be available three hours per month. These Providers earn TimeCredits for the services they provide. TimeCredits can be spent on any service in the TimeBank.

We’re also seeking elderly residents who would like a neighborly helping hand to rely on. Recipients in their 80s and 90s would receive services from TimeBankers with no obligation to provide services in return. Younger elders would be asked to offer some simple service to others, if possible. All recipients are asked to pay a $25 to $50 sliding scale yearly enrollment fee to receive services.

Our goal is to foster social relationships that relieve isolation and the stress of unmet needs. Relationships of trust help elders age in place successfully.

If you would like to participate in the ElderHands Program as a Service Provider or Recipient or know someone who needs such help, please contact us and/or read the TimeBank Handbook and fill out an Application: http://timebanksantacruz.org


Administrative roles include member recruitment and member services, events coordination, web presence oversight and tech support, finance, and program development. Our sources of funding are member dues, sponsorship donations, grants and sales to the public.


  • President: Robin McDuff
  • Vice-president: Gary Moro
  • Chief Technical Officer: Mary Edith Ingraham
  • Advisor: Amy Concilio, Ph.D in Environmental Science
  • Advisor: Valerie Mojeiko, Masters in Nonprofit Management