We offer a series of Sustainable Living Skills Workshops that are free-of-charge to members and low-cost to non-members. Proceeds from these Pop Up Reskilling Expo events benefit the TimeBank.

Registration for Saturday classes must be completed by noon the prior Thursday. To register for a class, use the PayPal Donate Button to pay the fee. The PayPal account will say TimeBank Santa Cruz/Reskilling Expo.  When we receive the fee payment, we’ll send you the address. Thank you. For questions, contact here:

We're also scheduling monthly Socials for members and prospective members. Check this page for dates and venues.


Clothing-books-and-small-items Swap for TImeBankers. Do you like this kind of sharing? Join us! Application here.


  • Saturday, February 9 from 10:30 to 11:30
  • Location: A Public Venue in Capitola
  • Cost: $10

Learn how to reduce your waste stream and artfully lower your carbon footprint with Bokashi Composting.

Food waste is 15.5% of landfill trash in California. As it rots, it produces methane that is 25 times as strong as carbon dioxide. When households keep food waste on site by composting kitchen scraps, GHG emissions are reduced. TimeBank Santa Cruz is promoting Bokashi Composting because it’s quick, easy and highly efficient. You’ll learn each step of this anaerobic fermentation process that quickly converts all food scraps (including meat, fish and bones) into a regenerative fertilizer. It's probiotics for your garden soil that your plants will love.




  • Salsa Dancing/Salsa Making
  • Feb 10 from 4 to 7
  • A Private Venue in Soquel

We're celebrating Valentine's Day with Salsa Dance (lessons included!) and Salsa Making on February 10 from 4 to 7 at a Soquel venue. Do you like to get together with friends for such activities? Join the TimeBank to participate!


  • Spring Plant and Rummage Sale
  • Saturday, March 30 
  • 9 am to 2 pm
  • 1973 42nd Avenue, Capitola

Buy your garden seedlings from our Spring Plant Sale and your purchase will support our local resilience building programs. We'll also have a great selection of rummage on offer. If you have rummage to donate to our cause, please contact us:


Drought conditions are still with us. A Graywater Laundry to Landscape System is the best way a household can save lots of water. Come learn how to do this simple DIY project to divert all the water from your washer to your garden.

  • Saturday, April 20 from 10:00 to 11:00
  • At a Private Venue in Capitola
  • Cost: $10