What We Make

Recipe Box

Kar made this exquisite recipe box at our Power Tools for Women class.

Planter Box

Alan made this planter box for DeeDee.

Greywater System

Ron installed this greywater system at Sheila's house.

Poetry Box

We made this poetry box in Bill's workshop.

Our First Little Library

Here's the first Little Library we made. It gets lots of patronage at 1973 42nd Avenue.

Honeycomb Fundraiser

We sell honey and honeycomb to raise funds.

Organic Produce Sales

We sell organic plants and produce as a fundraiser.

Puppet Theatre

James painted the tragicomic masks and did the lettering. Jim helped with the carpentry. Sylvia B sewed the curtains. And a team of puppeteers worked the magic.

Our Third Little LIbrary

The cabinet came from Ron's kitchen. We worked on this one at the Power Tools class and will be installing it soon.  Visit it at 820 Almar Avenue.

Our Second Little Library

Visit this Little Library in front of Big Earth House at 702 California Street.