What do we really know about social capital. The TimeBank’s goal is to grow it. But how do we quantify it? And what is its value?

I’ve noticed recently that we each have a certain store of social capital within the TimeBank itself. Let’s call it a Social Capital Quotient. I suppose it’s determined by the contributions a TimeBanker makes to the organization as a whole - participating, coming to events, sharing skills, being a member in good standing.

This is a measurement wholly different from the number of TimeCredits accrued or exchanged.

TimeBankers also have SCQs with other members. There may be a history of exchanges, a growing acquaintanceship. There may have been challenges that caused the Quotient to sink.

I’m becoming aware that TimeBankers also have SCQs with me, the Director and Coordinator. I’ve noticed that a SCQ (on a scale of 1-10, say) can soar to great heights or it can dip into the negative double digits. A SCQ is a fluid animal in the ecosystem of human dynamics.

We suggest that TimeBankers consider this creature when they ask each other for services, when they approach the TimeBank, when they broach.

SCQs may be relevant to friendships and other intimate relationships. We all know when it’s ok to ask and when you simply wouldn’t dare. Perhaps we’re more conversant with Social Capital than we know.

Want to grow some? Join the TimeBank.