You know the 80/20 rule. It’s when 20 percent of the people are responsible for 80 percent of the work and giving. Ask yourself where you stand in this imbalance.  Ask yourself, are people are morally obliged to participate in civic society? Are you yourself obligated? I say, yes, you are. How about this: every morning when you get up, you ask yourself, what can I give today? What do I own that I can easily give away that will help someone immediately? Can I comfort someone today? Consider your waking hours. How many of them are spent pursuing your own self interest? Could you spend a half hour, an hour each day working in the interest of others?

Let’s say you agree to try. But your life is so busy and scattered and you have quite a few other obligations. How can you easily move toward participating authentically in civic society without disrupting your pretty nice life?

Become a timebanker. You’ll have lots of opportunities to help others. You’ll also be ‘required’ to receive the services of others. And that creates social capital as well. Asking for help, being a recipient of services creates opportunities for others to give. It creates relationship. Think about it, please!

September 13, 2017