Reskilling Expo

The Reskilling Expo is a nonprofit public charity founded in 2009 to offer sustainable living-skills education for a resilient common future. The TimeBank is its most labor-intensive project. The Expo supports the TImeBank by regularly offering skills workshops, often taught by TimeBankers, at low-cost to the public in order to raise funds for our administrative costs. 



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Sigrid McLaughlin

SIGRID MCLAUGHLIN was born in East Germany during WWII. She was educated at Stanford and received her doctorate in Russian Literature from UC Berkeley. She was an avid gardener, a writer and photographer, and a student of the buddhadharma. Passionate about social and economic justice, her support for our projects has been steadfast. Sigrid passed away in June 2015.

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Bill and Kar Fraser

KAR AND BILL FRASER are founding members of Big Earth House, a cooperative-living eco-community in downtown Santa Cruz. Kar is a neighborhood organizer and a homeschooling mom who loves to bake and sing. Bill is a senior software engineer at Digimarc. He bikes everywhere and is a many-time world champion for his computer program The Shark.

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Bob Dunn

BOB DUNN has lived in Bonny Doon since 1986. He’s a beekeeper, a singer, a seed saver and a many-skilled communitarian. He teaches Tool Sharpening for the TimeBank and fixes appliances for the Repair Cafe. Now retired, Bob worked as Energy Manager at UCSC where he did HVAC Control. He has also worked in energy conservation as a LEED commissioner.

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Mary Edith Ingraham

MARY EDITH is the TimeBank’s Angel Software Engineer. She has contributed hundreds of hours of Drupal coding to improve our web presence and create user software that is customized to our needs. Her former careers include natural foods cooking, cabinetry and dance. When she’s not coding, she bikes, swims, hikes and plays the ukulele. http://maryedith.com