Come have lunch with some TimeBankers this Sunday, August 20 at noon at Dharma’s, 4250 Capitola Road. Everyone is invited to attend a luncheon with TimeBank members to expand your network, chat about skill swaps, and plan projects. Lunch is your cost.

TimeBank Santa Cruz resists. We contend that the more we help each other, the more resilient our local community becomes. Each act of generosity, each kindness counters whatever forces would weaken our commitment to each other, to a just society.

It’s a quiet resistance. It’s not front page news. It doesn’t count as in-your-face direct action. But it qualifies as resistance because it creates social capital which we can draw on when needs arise.

I call timebanking Slow Currency. It’s like Slow Food and Slow Money. It takes time to timebank just as it takes time to have a friend.

Yes, a lot of practical tasks and chores and errands get done in a TimeBank. But our stealth reason for existing lies beyond the task. It’s the relationships of trust that get created that constitute the social capital.

Relationships are the hardest part, no? And the best part. Sometimes we sustain each other simply by being in each other’s presence.

August 17, 2017