Here’s what TimeBankers have done for each other in the last ten days:

Mended clothing. Located and repaired an improperly installed splice in home wiring. Fixed email problems. Gave a ride for grocery shopping. Worked at the Restore. Consulted on a toilet repair. Rotated a mattress. Disassembled a gazebo. Hosted the Fall Expo. Helped put together a Little Library. Gave a compost lesson. Made soup for the Expo. Gave an elder rides. Taught at the Expo. Sewed on a button. Picked up  Rxs and fixed dinner for an elder. Cleared an elder’s garden beds for Winter. Consulted on a declutter project. Drove an injured member to and from an appointment. Replaced a toilet.

New Requests Posted: Help with iPad and iPhone. Replace Outside Light Fixture. Add videocard to computer. Little Library Caretaker. Needlepoint Blocking. Vine Trimming. Dump Run. Clean On-demand Water Heater. Clear Brush. Soup Made. Garden Weeding and General Cleanup.

New Offers Posted: Used Bike Buying Help. Voice Lessons. Local Bike Paths Advice. Spanish Lessons. How To Dry Persimmons. Advance Health Care Directive Assistance. Local Rides.

We'll co-create our tomorrows when we knit and know our network connections, share our skills, talents and passions,

“Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.” Barbara Bush

October 1, 2017