TimeBank Santa Cruz held its Fall Reskilling Expo yesterday at the West Side home of Gary Moro where a bunch of members presented brief demos of their skill sets.

Robin MacDuff, a retired UCSC facilities manager gave a detailed presentation of Electrical Wiring including GFIs, electrical tool use and how to insulate safely. Professional Barb Roettger, a bodywork professional, showed how Cranio Sacral massage works on Azra Simonetti. Alice Rink explained the Advance Health Care Directive process. Alice is a retired nurse educator.

Quentin Hancock, a San Jose State writing instructor gave a demo Reiki treatment to Mamoura Slike, an avid biker. And Ev Sharp, a concierge veterinarian, brought her spinning wheel to teach how wool is spun into yarn while Gary Moro sorted dried Black Turtle bean seeds for the TimeBank’s Seed Library..

Aude Castagna, cellist and MFCC therapist, presented cogent Personal Resilience practices for mid-life and Mamoura Slike led an in-depth Life Questions session: ‘What makes you feel happy?’ and ‘When do you enjoy helping people?’ were two questions pursued.

It’s the getting to know each other that matters most, no? As the poet says, the comfort of simply being in each other’s presence.

September 25, 2017