The Fall TimeBank Expo is coming up next weekend. (It’s for TimeBankers and seriously prospective members.) We’ll have two Demo Stations. Station One: Salsa Dance. Kombucha. Advanced Directives. Bangs Trims. Personal Resilience Practices. Ingredients of Emergency Kits. Favorite Wellness Practices.

Station Two: Basics of Electrical Wiring. Reiki Treatments. Tool Sharpening. Publishing Your Book. Essential Life Questions. Sewing&Mending.

TimeBankers bring electrical cords and lamps and other broken items for repair. Knives, scissors, garden tools to sharpen. Clothes that need mending.

It’s a Skill Share, a Knowledge Commons and a Potluck. It’s a Reskilling Expo, really, but on a small scale and members only. Why? Because building new economic institutions requires a bit of commitment. It require reciprocity. And that’s what TimeBankers do: they reciprocate.

September 17, 2017