The shelves of the TimeBank’s Community Cupboard are pretty bare right now. Who can help re-stock them? The Cupboard (at 1973 42nd Avenue) has gotten LOTS of use. What does that say about our society? We know we live in a high cost area. Do you personally know a lot of people who are just scraping by, paycheck to paycheck? I do.

The TimeBank put this resource up because one in five people in Santa Cruz County is food insecure. “Take what you need. Share what you can. We love reciprocity,” we say. Rules of Engagement: give stuff you would actually eat or use yourself. Donations of protein and all healthy stapes especially welcome. Soap, shampoo, any household basics also welcome.

Thanks to New Leaf Community Market for a $50 gift card and for continuing to donate a few items each week for this project.

Community Cupboard location: 1973 42nd Avenue. Overstock that won’t fit can be left on the porch. TimeBankers will stock the shelves as needed.

The TimeBank thanks all you who help keep the shelves full. If we each give a little each day, our social fabric will stay strong. How about every morning you ask yourself, "How can I help today? Who can I help?”

August 25, 2017